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My neighbor's daughter

So I was 7 years old when this happened. Some new neighbor's were coming to visit our house. They moved In like a couple blocks away. Apparently, my mom and our neighbor knew eachother in highschool so they were pretty close.

Now to the main part, my neighbor had brought her daughter with her. Let's call her E. E was 13 years old and was very pretty. I was very excited that another girl came to my house (I don't have any sisters) so I took her upstairs to play toys with me. After a little bit, she told me that we were gonna play a fun game called mommy and daughter. Of course I was exited to play that so I agreed. Then E took of her shirt and bra. Leaving her half naked. I was flustered and asked her "what are we gonna do?". E said, "We are gonna play mommy and daughter so you have to suck my boobs". I was young so I said okay. And I sat on her lap and had to suck her boobs. She started and moaning and I felt really uncomfortable. Almost 20 minutes passed, then her mom asked her to come down. She put her clothes back on and then pretended like nothing happened.

The same the happened for a long time. Every time she came to our house she made me suck her boobs. And even made me suck her neck.

I'm 14 now and this still haunts me to this day. We moved to another city so I no longer see her. I think she might've been lesbian or something. Anyway this is my story-

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Re: My neighbor's daughter

I would be very curious to know what happened to that girl. She would be 20 now and likely in University, perhaps away from her family and on her own.

I would greatly wonder what she has become. I wouldn't be so quick to label her a lesbian, as she may have had similar encounters with boys. For that matter, the encounter as you described it, may not have been cognitively sexual to her, but rather, it sounds a lot like a power dynamic.

What I really wonder, and you'd surely have no way of knowing, though if you could talk to her now you might find out, where she learned her game from. I somewhat doubt that this game of hers was her own original idea; I suspect she learned it as a younger girl and carried it into her early teens. I would suspect that this game was taught to her by an older relative, a cousin perhaps, or an older kid in the neighborhood who was sexually molesting her.

I hope you can find a way to put that experience out of your mind, as you were a young girl, you did nothing wrong. You simply didn't know any better. If you are being troubled by this now because you are becoming a young lady and you're beginning to discover yourself sexually, undoubtedly you are reflecting on you you likely gave this teenage neighbor sexual pleasure when you sucked her boobs. While that may be true, that doesn't mean that you enjoyed it or that you must do something similar, and it certainly doesn't mean that you're a lesbian.

You're a 14 year old girl. Embrace that. Take the time to get to know yourself and love yourself. You will grow into your sexuality as you mature. This is natural.