my old bestfriend

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i miss my old bestfriend she was toxic but i miss her a lot . One time we planned out how we would run away and die together it was funny and it was so easy to talk to her she was very clingy and i hated that but now i miss her more than ever . I’ve hurt her and she has hurt me . The fact that we both liked each other more than friends still shocks me we could have had something.. it was like i either picked her or my other friend and i picked my other friend . I really don’t know if i made the wrong choice or not it wrong of me to still think about her when i’m in a relationship? Idk i’ve been thinking of my old best-friend every since i saw our old texts . i miss her i would do anything to have her back idc if it’s toxic i just want to talk to her again . On the other hand i don’t want to hurt my gf i like her a lot but it seems more of a friendship but it’s getting better i’m trying my best i really am it’s kinda awkward to talk to her it’s just not the same as with her .