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Its almost as if every time I speak up its unnoted. I take time to reevaluate each and evry question that gets thrown at me. Is it too much to ask for that others do the same?

They treat it as a movie but what they don't understand that there are side characters to every plot and every story line that isn't the center of attention but the ones that are hurting the most.

Many don't take a step back and look out on others. Many can't see what's within and this is why I'm here on a Monday night typing out my feelings. It's because no one takes a step back to look down on others and realize that they aren't in a movie and that it is no imagination.

I want to be left alone because you can't realize who you are affecting. I want to be left alone because you haven't tried to see my side of the story.

So here I sit on a monday night, typing this on my laptop, hiding in my room because I'm not seen.