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My parents and their conspiracies

My parents opions have always been simply put "disturbing". Being around then is a state of constant cringe and disappointment

I'll never understand how as black people they complain about rascist white people and then dscriminate againt the LGBTQ+ but recently they've discovered a new hobby being Karens. For years i had assumed my once sorta kind parents were safe. Karenism was reserved for middle-aged white women but alas the universe plays a foul game. It started in 2020, she stopped taking her medication stating her essential oils were the best solution. In hindsight it was obvious, ignorant was i to think that god would take pity on my soul. It all came to a head this morning. Weeks before, they had been talking about the secret robots hidden in developing covid-19 vaccines that would administer your other needed vaccines as you age (which isn't even a bad thing less work for me), and the other government technologies to discover your address, name, birthday and social security number all of which the government already has. Even with all this bullshit I could not anticipate what they would say "We are not taking the vaccine." My heart stopped. Immediately i googled how to gain independence in my country but all my attempts were fruitless at that moment i envied my brother which i had never done before because he was stupid. He was 20 he had medical independence

Do not believe my lightheartedness is because i dont care. To be honest I am scared shitless. During my lockdown extravaganza i developed trouble breathing (not the rona) and I fear ill become another tombstone, a showcase of my parents stupidity if you will. This is my first itme using this forum and hopefully not my last. Till another day

Your dear friend, Mrs.Weatherbey