My parents are toxic

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I feel like my parents aren't in love. I am 18 and it has been 20 yrs since they got married. It was an arranged marriage.

They keep fighting over silly things. Sometimes it will turn into a big fight. My dad keeps mumbling curses at my mum and her family. All the time. Even over small things like leaving the fan on, he curses her family. While visiting my grandparents (maternal), my dad disrespects them. He makes it clear that he doesn't wanna be there.

He gets annoyed when she talks with them for a longtime. The same thing happens viceversa except my mom behaves as if she loves her in-laws in front of them.

My dad rants about his work and my mum listens. But if she talks about her fav movies or shows, he ignores her. He sometimes physically pushes her down and they both act like it is okay.

Within half hour of their fights, they go back to normal as if nothing happened

Sometimes I feel like they only had me because of soceital pressure and not because they wanted to.

Are all parents like this or am i overthinking?

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