My parents want me to die

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Hi! I was beaten today by my parents and i almost died because they kick me in the face and in my head thet even punch me! My mom tried to stab me for real my lips is now exploded and my face is still hurting i'm full of scratches in my face and my head is still hurting i cannot belive that my parents would even hurt me my dad is also abusive towards me since they assume that i was gay which is i'm not it's just because i'm not interested in having a girlfriend since i'm just 16 years old! I remember last time my mom burned my skin with an iron where my skin literally just get 3rd degree burns my dad even hit me with an ambrella which let to my hands being full with blood,my parents wants me to leave our house since they said i'm just useless and they even told me that they are just waiting for my death,but still i love them since they are the one who take care of me when i was a little,the thing that just keeps me going with my life is ny little sister who really loves and take care of me she's just 2 years old and she keeps calling me her baby HAHAHAHAHA i love her! Guys! I want to die so bad since i want to end the pain that i'm causing to my parents,i'm such a bad person. I'm really in a bad shape right now! I have no one to talk,i don't even know if someone would read this! I still smile even though i'm in pain because i've read some article that smiling affects our mood so maybe it's true Hahahahaha