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My peculiar classmate

I have a really peculiar classmate. I met him one year ago, when we first took admission in this new institution. I never talked to him. I have completed my school education studying in all girls school and I still face problems while talking to boys. Besides that I am very shy. However, this boy is also a shy boy but he loves showing people his knowledge. One day, we had a fight in a social media group for a silly reason and that was the first and last day we talked(in social media, we never talked him in real life). In that fight he won. Later, I got to know from my friends that he used to ask them about me, my past records and all other things. Whenever we have had tests in classes, he used to go to them and ask them about my preparations and results. He even told my friends that he liked my thoughts. However, I usually do not talk much on social media groups but whenever I talk, he tries to passively tease me. I do not what is his problem!