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my pretty little secrets

I've been interested on older guys lately, like growing up i wanted to be with an older guy. No but not like the old old type man, like probably 6 years age gap. But honestly, i just want a guy who knows how to handle things, very mature, and had experience alot so he can teach me these and those. But like honestly honestly, i'm more for a muscular guy, but not so bulky like as if it's their veins are gonna pop off. Also, i'd like it more when they have tattoos lol.

Also, this second secret i have is, pretty sexual i may say. Like, i have this blanket, a normal type one, not really thin but not really big just normal type. You know ahaha i'm kinda embarrassed but oh well i'm anonymous anyway. So when im alone ( me and my siblings share one room, we're all girls by the way ), so i listen to audios okay, no not videos ( i just don't like seeing it lol but sometimes i do when it comes to yaoihshshs ), just like what i said before, i have a blanket i would shape it like some pillow or something. And lmao, okay, i would grind into it while listening to audios. I don't know if it sounds weird but for me it's weird, like when after doing it i kinda regret doing it i'd doubt my life and why am i like this, but i'm a clown so i still do it anyway. But seriously, it's just kinda feel good for me. Oof

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Re: my pretty little secrets

I’ll use myself to explain this to you. It’s biology. Women are drawn to older males who can protect & provide. Their sperm are made daily. Men are drawn to young pretty women. Their eggs age from puberty.

I’m nearly 60. I get asked out by attractive women in their early 20’s. I have no wrinkles. Very smooth skin. All my thick wavy hair. I look like a movie star. My body looks like a 250 lb super hero. I look like the guy who plays Thor. My eyes are very rare. I think only my family has them. They seem to glow & change colors. Women are mesmerized by them.

My penis is over 10 inches & fat. It takes me over 2 hrs to finish sex. I spend an hour before sex in foreplay. I can lick almost to the top of my nose with my long tongue. I’m very sweet & polite. Gentle. I sing; dance; write poetry, & am an artist. Women love me.

That’s biology. But let’s be honest. How many males are like me?

Be careful with any man regardless of age. They may be using you. Respect yourself. Wait on sex. If you can’t; get on birth control & make them wear a condom.

So many young women lust over men like me. Then in their mid 20’s they focus on a man with money. If they divorce they finally learn the secret. Marry a nice person who will respect you; be gentle & loving.

God Bless

to the girl who grinds: OMg me ttoooooo I do too lol it's so bad but I can't help it.... I'm a los into audios and OMg GUYS WITH TATS ARE LIKE MY DREAM DAMN..... I agree older guys are wow yes!

to the huge dick guy: dAMNNNNNNN that dick dam damn damn dAMNNNNNNN sorry but stillllllll