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My problem

As a 14 year old girl, it’s normal to think about boys a lot. But I’ve been having this issue that’s really been affecting my daily life. When I was younger, I was molested by my cousin. Ever since then I’ve been very hyper sexual. I can’t help but feel disgusting about myself. After that I kissed a lot of boys did a lot of things but I never really knew why. It’s hard for me because whenever I think about one of my male friends I think about inappropriate stuff. It’s like my mind is my worst enemy. I cried last night thinking about how gross It is. How can I fix this?

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Re: My problem

Seems like ur mind has still not overcome that incident completely. Yes, it is completely normal to think about boys a lot at this age but it is still clear that that incident left a great impression on ur brain. It may also disrupt ur mental peace in the future. It is somehow trying to recover from that memory by distracting u through such extreme urges. so u should tell an adult about this and get therapy probably. U should also tell an adult about that incident, because it was a crime ur cousin committed, a crime by molesting a child. Also, the thoughts u have about ur male friend may be completely normal, because u might have a crush on him, but they could be also a result of ur past incident, its hard to tell.

hope u found this harmful