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My quiet place

This is my place. The place where I walk, and I breath and I feel calm. Away from all the pressures of life and of the people in it. Here I have no commitments, no pressures of time or emotion. Just the occasional gentle nudge on my leg from a nose, when Iv stopped still to gaze for a little to long. I can let myself be. Be happy, sad, nostalgic or hopeful. Iv walked round these fields with a spring in my step feeling on top of the world, and Iv walked round them with tears streaming down my face. Here I have been filled with hope for the future and Iv struggled with the pain when Iv lost all hope and faith. Iv wondered listening to beautiful music, a audio book or in utter silence when the mood strikes. I follow a wagging tail round and I'm just me, whoever that may be at that moment. I leave with a feeling or serenity, it usually doesn't last long, but those few moments of it are a literal life saver. Iv come to realise Iv always felt better when Iv found myself a place like this. A chance to get myself straight with the world and the faith and strength to carry on. I wish I could share this place with you, like we used to share another. I feel like you are the only one who would appreciate its meaning to me, the only one who would understand. But I never will.....will I? Here, the hope for that day is strong and doesn't feel so impossible. 

Hope, is it what keeps us going, or what keeps us gasping for air when it would be so much kinder to drown.