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My Rant.

Hello, im 12 years old and my father is very annoying, strict and he wants me to do EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTS. like, i'm some sort of puppet. he wants me to sing, and that's okay, but he says it in such an annoying way. he thinks girls should keep their head down and listen to everything the "man" has to say. he screams at my face. till today i have always kept quiet and listened to his screams and cry afterwards. today, i finally stood up for myself, saying that i dont care that i'm a girl, i'm still a human being, with feelings.

my dad didn't like that. he slapped me and screamed and me and then turned to my mom. he said that my mom is making me bad and he starts screaming at her. then he says that girls shouldn't speak up and "talk back" to their father.

then i cried, and both my parents threatened to suicide BECAUSE OF ME.




i can't live in this house anymore. i want to leave. i have some money in my piggy bank, enough for a taxi to my cousin (and best friend) house.

should... i go?

should i call someone? should i call my uncles and aunts?

please tell me.

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Re: My Rant.

First of im all, im really saddened that you had to go through this life. No parents should act the way they did.

I think you should search for a good person, and tell this. Like a church priest, or a good woman, social worker or child support. Your parents need counselling.

I know you are going through a lot, but keep hope. Stay strong. None of this is your fault. Your parents are in pain, that is why they are acting this way..

I will pray foe your well-being. Eventually your parents will see the truth that all you want is their love and acceptance. You just have to keep an hope. Please talk to someone who can actually able to keep you away from your parents for a while and help you..

Your education is important, your health is important, as a 12 year, try to focus on sports, studies, friends, etc. Take care of your mind, and body.. Get stronger..

If you feel like crying you have to. Pray to God if you wanna.. I hope God bless you with better life.

Hi, I'm 14. My dad acts the same way, ans he has anger issues. Just do what he wants you to do as long as he isn't hurting you for no reason. I'm sorry he hit you, I hope you're alright now. Try your best to understand him, he's your father, after all. Don't talk back to him, he'll stop hurting you. It's better to not let your feelings out and offend him than have him hit you. Your parents not killing themselves, they're just trying to scare you. Try to endure until you're 18, and maybe try to work part-time (when you're a bit older) so you can get out of there as soon as you can. I don't know if this will help you, but it's what I'm doing right now. If your father abuses you sexually, call for help. Or if you're sure there's currently no one that can help you, just go with it until he's done (this is what I did, I'm fine right now) so he doesn't hurt you or lock you up. Make sure you have your phone with you, so you can call the cops after. If he continues to hurt you physically, call the cops or your relatives. Just make sure that you can trust your relatives, I called them once but they told my father after then he kept me locked in our attic for a week lol. You're alright.