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My secret Anorexia

I weigh 20 pounds below average and I get told by doctors friends and family that Im skinny and secretly I believe I need to loose weight and some days I don't eat or eat very little....I know its unhealthy but all I see when I look in the mirror is an ugly fat girl ,I've fainted before because of it but I won't stop until I feel skinny...

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Re: My secret Anorexia

What the fuck man....... What are u doing to ur self... Stop eating will not make u skinny or anything this will only make u ill and I'm not saying for just saying I am also fat and chubby and I just love my self and others Also love me but it doesn't matter others love u or not.... Others will only love u when u will start loving ur self and my suggestion is just that feel beautiful the way ur love the ur self the way u r.... Love

hey dear it’ll do you no good and I know I won’t be able to bring it home to you but I’ll have a go at it cause I’ve been through it.

your mind will be damaged,you won’t be able to remember even the smallest part of your life,your organism will be kinda paying back to u thus you’ll be putting on weight although you eat almost nothing