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my secret

When I was 10 me and my sister were playing truth or dare while my parents were downstairs. I was pretty shy and definitely a pushover- I was terrible at saying no and protecting myself. she’s bossy and even though she’s younger she still gets everything she wants from me.

anyway, we were playing and I noticed the dares were getting more embarrassing and awkward. eventually she dared me to take of my shirt and bra and let her see my chest. I was uncomfortable but I did. she laughed and poked me without my permission so I immediately put my clothes back on. we stopped playing after that.

a week or two later she made me play again. she dared me was to take off my pants and underwear and let her do whatever she wanted to me. I hated it but I went along and she touched me, not sexually but still. she was laughing a lot and I was about to start crying but I didn’t.

after a couple weeks it got even worse.

she dared me to take off of all of my clothes and lay down on the floor. she forced me to sit on my hands so I wouldn’t stop her. she then started touching and squeezing my chest. she just stared at me there as she massaged them hard and it hurt but more I was just upset and uncomfortable. and she wouldn’t stop. at least once a week she would do it to me.

Once she made me play pretend with her and I was her ‘maid’ and she chose my ‘uniform’ which was just walking around the upstairs completely naked and she touched me whenever she wanted to.

she told me things about my chest and stomach size, and sometimes they were really uncomfortable. she told me my boobs were jiggly and squishy and big 😖

sometimes she would touch me in public but nobody ever saw. she, out of nowhere, would grab my boobs and then walk away.

and many many times she said I was fat and overweight but I was already done growing, I was 5’2 and 110 pounds, which I know is a lot but it’s not overweight is it?

she didn’t stop. this sort of thing happened once a month at least, more often once a week, until I was twelve. I understand that she was young but she was old enough to understand not to do that to me, right? i don’t know why she did it or if she plans to start again one day. but because of her, I get uncomfortable whenever anyone touches me for any reason. I hate hugs and foot rubs and tickling and anything.

I’m afraid of her getting near me. she recently said something about how if she could turn invisible she would take off my shirt and bra in public so people would see my chest. I’m scared she’s going to do it again.

am I just overreacting? what am I going through? I’m so confused and nervous all the time so please help.

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Re: my secret

You need to tell your sister to STOP. You need to tell her it is wrong for her to do that, whether she is young or not, she needs to know that she is committing sexual assault. If it doesn't go well. You need to tell your parent's what your sister has done to you. It is one of the few ways to make it all stop. If they don't believe you. Hide a camera, phone/device or some sort. Or record her voice secretly for proof and show it to them. If they still don't believe you, please call 800.422.4453, to recieve help. What your sister is doing to you is completely out of line. Especially because she is touching you wither your permission. You are not overreacting and if you blame yourself for what is happening to you, don't. It is not your fault.