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My secrets

I just wrote a whole SA on my life that I was going to post but no one cares. I don't even care enough to read that. So I'll just keep it short.

I know anyone that's reading this is a complete stranger and doesn't know me but I just want to confess and get this off my chest to anyone in the most safest and secretive way possible.

SO...Hello stranger, My name is x...and I am the FAT girl in my family. I am the girl that gets called a FAT***** by her sisters. I am the girl that was bullied by the boys in the year above and in her class. I am the girl that was called an Alien by a guy she liked and by her classmates. I am the girl that was raped in a park at 11 yrs old.

I am depressed. I am a bisexual. I am a bulimic. I am an Anorexic.

These are my confessions...

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Re: My secrets

Congratulations, you are human. As a child I was raped; mollested; sodomized; tortured. I have autism. We must all deal with shit & overcome it.

I just prayed for you. Learn to eat again. Just eat healthy & exercise. Be the best you that you can be. In America most people are overweight. Learn to love yourself.

God Bless

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Hey ...so I suppose I'm Y...hehe...ok sorry 😅 but I must say ...or I guess u must say to the whole idiotic world...FUCK OFF🙂 you are you, they are they...but what makes you different from them is you are not shitty as they are. I don't really know you but may God give you all the power to fight the demons😂

Ps. I just joined vigyaa

Nobody defines who you are

this is just another person commenting and stealing your happiness

why do they have to judge who you are?

do not give the control of your mood or happiness to anybody else

I haven't seen you but I'm sure you're very beautiful

Don't you worry child, God is always with you.