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my secrets (tw)

heres a few secrets that i haven't told anyone yet

I'm Bi.

I'm suicidal.

I have anxiety,depression,ocd and body dysmophia.

i think i like girls way more then guys

i cant date a girl because no one knows i am bi and i dont know any girls near me :(

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Re: my secrets (tw)

I know how you feel. I am bisexual and also depressed, not that they are completely related to one another. This might not be the easiest thing to do but when you are ready I think that it would be best to tell someone that is close to you and someone that you trust a lot because there is no point in getting in a relationship with someone if you have to hide it.

P.S I know you said you don't know any girls near you that could be gay but there probably are you just need to look closely and pay attention to the signs, don't worry too much about that the right person will come along at the right time.