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My self

I’m empty, hollow , nothing left in me. I hate everything about me. I’m tapped with no where left to turn or anyone to talk to. I have lost hope in life now. I’m done with everything. Every time I look in the mirror I am ashamed of the person I have become and how I look. I haven’t told anyone and I don’t know who to talk to but I need help. I’m hanging onto life like a price of thread. I am done

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Re: My self

I hope you are doing ok now, pls take care of youself and learn to accept who you are, don't be ashamed of what you had become. Accept it and you'll find your self feeling much better, ask yourself every question you've been longing to ask to someone and let your better self answer those questions, make sure you give yourself the best answer, the best that could help you rise again and love yourself. I am not good at giving advices and comforting words but i really do hope you will be fine soon.