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My sex drive is too high

I'm a 22 old Male, who's sex drive I believe is way too high. I feel I think about it and crave it almost 24/7, there's barely a day where I don't think about it.

I'm constantly horny and constantly wanting to have sex with someone. I can't A, not the type of person to do the whole one night stand thing, or have the confidence to achieve that with anyone. B, I'm not looking to have sex with all the woman in the world, I still have respect for them. I'm just horny all the fucken time, and it gets a bit much.

I think it derives from coming out of a relationship where sex was a prominent thing in the relationship and now that we've split up my body is mabye just adjusting to not being able to have it anymore. Either way it gets so damn annoying thinking about a thing I know I won't be able to get until I'm probably in my next serious relationship (whenever that will be)

The horny feeling is so bad that I've even contacted an escort but the one I contacted only did a massage and handjob, for a hefty price. Thus leading me not to pursue. I just wanted that fix but obviously didn't get it and the feelings have just continued.

Does anyone have any advice on how to tackle this, or have people been in the same spot as me?

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Re: My sex drive is too high

Your mind is your own personal space, and it’s normal for sexual thoughts to pass through on occasion (or even regularly).

You don’t necessarily have to get rid of these thoughts. If they don’t negatively affect what you’re doing, distract you in a dangerous way, or cause you or anyone else distress, there’s no need to feel concerned about feeling horny.

But if you still want to control it, you could try channelising your energy somewhere else when that thought comes or maybe you could try listening to music. Anything that distracts you at that point of time. If nothing works, masturabating is always an option;))))