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My sexuality

I was raised in a christian household, and something that came with that is the idea of likeing the same sex or loving who you want to was "not good" or "right". Btw, I am a girl, and still a preteen. Now that I think back on my much younger self, I think I am most definitely Bi-sexual, like I literally remember having, basically a wet or dirty dream about elsa, along with Shawn mendes, I can't believe I just that, but I guess all my tea is getting spilled today. Anyways, when my grandma died (which is who I was living with, along with my grandpa) me and my grandpa struggled to even keep the lights on and food in the fridge, those were some really hard and depressing times. There is so much that has happened in these past years that it could be a story itself. But I remember being so innocent and nice, which I still am nice, but I think I developed trust issues, and definitely less social. Im not really much of a people's person. When I moved in with my aunt, that's when I began exploring a bit, what I like, what I don't like...and I can definitely say I like boys, I'm a little boy crazy, a little too boy crazy, but I don't think I've ever liked a girl before. (WARNING, THIS MIGHT BE A LITTlE TO PERSONAL) I don't know if this could mean something, but I have noticed that when I'm looking at a attractive girl, (usually online, honey I don't go outside, I'm basically a vampire) sometimes I catch myself staring at a curtain thing or area on her, then my friend down there starts...kinda... throbbing, can someone tell me what this means? But yeah there goes my little rant about my sexuality and maybe went a little off topic, I'm not that good at writing ok? Get off my neck. But I hope every one has a good day or night, whatever it is for you if or when you see this : )