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male bottom

my sexuality problem

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i have a boyfriend. and we loves eachother. but i don’t know why i get horny when he called me baby, or any sweets nicknames. i asked him once, if he a submissive or dominant. he said before get depressed we was both. after he went through alot he’s now a submissive. he actually have no idea what i’m talking about. because his perspective is that about a normal definition. but to me it sounds a bit wrong to ask and i watch adults videos alot. especially when it comes to submissive male bottom. and I’m a dominant female but a virgin . it is embarrassed to admit this. but i just can’t go and ask for a sex. everytime we on a phone call. I get horny when he talks. and he would talks about how much he loves me and how much he wanted to marry me. ofcourse it makes me more horny. When he talks i would imagine we’re having a hot mess session on a king sized bed. i don’t understand why. or it’s just my big ass desires to have a sex with him since i loves him so much. I sometime masturbates while thinking about him. i never heard his moans yet. but when he asleep while we on a phone call he often making certain noise which i found it hot, ti me it sounds like moans. it does makes me horny. idk y im dying bye.

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