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My shame

2 years ago, a man 25 years my senior, harassed me with fake accounts.

Because I wanted to stop sleeping with him.


I was ready to shape up, meet a good guy

My age

Fall in love, be happy


I never loved him, which he knew, but he loved me

He chose to continue sleeping with me

Even though I didn't love him


I met someone I clicked with instantly

He harassed me

For weeks

He insulted me

He contacted my male friends

He lied about me to our coworkers

He threatened me

To isolate me

I was scared

Because I wanted to leave a relationship

And he didn't let me



I got my revenge

I changed my number

And I threw it back at him

He got away with it

I would too

He had no idea it was me

He thought I was a lot of people

But not me

(Shows how many


He's done this too)

But then

I fucked up

I fucked up

I fucked up

He knew who I was

He threw words

As quickly as

He drank beer

It hurts

Private calls

To laugh at me

I am so pathetic

I hate my self so much

I want to die





I will be okay

But not right now

And that's