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  1. Ok so it's a long story. BUT, my sister is trash. Like she has abused and neglected her kids to the point they all got removed from her care. And I'm glad, but this psychopath still pretends she is the best mother on earth. Some background to it, she has 2 son's and 2 step daughter's. Her oldest son, I've seen sitting in a walker at 1 year old COVERED in pee. Like literally, head to freaking toe, pee! Multiple times. I've heard her tell him as an infant she could kill him?! She has physically attacked people with knives when they were trying to protect her kid from her. She would not ever do anything for this poor boy. Then she met a crack head, she got pregnant by him and REFUSED safe medications, wich ended up with the boy being born with birth defects and she tried to sue the doctor but because she refused the safe meds she didn't win. Not only did she put that on him, she refused to stay at the hospital with him when he was ill. He wasn't gaining weight, surprise tho she wasn't feeding him, he was dehydrated and underweight by 3 months!! They took him the night she was in the hospital with him (mandatory) and she threw his stuff across the room and cussed at him. Then the girls. She would grab the 4 year old by the hair and shove food down her throat until she pukedthen beat her when she didn't clean it up. She beat them for using too much toilet paper and threatened them with knives. Her crack head boyfriend had too keep the knives hidden so she wouldn't grab them. She aost cut his finger off and has a domestic violence charge against her. She will never get her kids back but she keeps.trying to scam money put of people like she is going to get them back. She even went so far to go on Steve wilkos to clear her name. But he only asked stupid questions. She passed because she literally thinks she didn't do any wrong. And I fucking hate her. She makes me so damn mad. How can some one act this way!?!