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my sister coming out as an atheist

i have a twin sister who happen to come out as an atheist. we both were raised as catholics our whole life and the moment she came out to me and my mother we just got shock. i'm still a catholic myself but i don't know how to cope up with this situation since we both attend a catholic school together. my mom was so sad about it but she's thinking about it for the meantime. my sister explained that she doesn't clearly believe on anything anymore but still respects both me and my mother. i love and cherish my sister, what should i do? accept her or be disappointed on her?

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Re: my sister coming out as an atheist

Clearly, you love her.

I mean she's your sister..

I am Catholic myself but I have a rather waning faith.

Though, it is the Liturgical Year of Inter-religious dialogue.

We are all called to coexist. Unity in Diversity.

We have different religions but essential values that overlay with other religions..

This also includes those who don't believe.

The calling to respect others and their religion..

The essence of beauty in religions, especially in our own

Is the understanding of love, acceptance and change..

It's about learning of unconditional love that essentially forgives everyone..

Catholics believe in resurrection of the soul, of being with God.

Of showing love.

Being a moral person.

The beauty here is we believe in a presence we can't prove but rather believe.

The beauty here is the presence of an unconditional love of an unseen God.

In an outside and rather "de-constructive" view

God offers solace and happiness and guidance in living a happy holy life,

regardless if true or not.

It's a rather beautiful sentiment that there's a phenomena that unites people in a beautiful divine way of living.

Many religions offer this too.

However, other people may misinterpret religions and use it to discriminate people.

Often religious people are corrupt themselves. That's a sad truth.

Even those "religious" disguise themselves as good but are corrupt.

Also often in religion people are forced to believe, which is hard and can often be miserable.

Maybe that's how she felt, everything didn't exactly make sense

or come from a truthful faithful to the soul.

Even the pope said that admitting to be an atheist is better than being a religious hypocrite.

My case would be: as long as your sister is good, is it ever wrong?

Because no religion is needed to become morally good as Jesus.

The beauty is that if there's no religious text to tell you to be good,

and you do good from your heart, is really being atheist really bad?

Or is the way religions act or live always wholeheartedly true.


-Seth from PH

You neees to be living. I'm an atheist myself and I came from a very Baptist family. From what you said, she just "doesnt believe anymore". There's nothing evil or dishonest about that and she said shes accepting of you and your mom. So she doesnt have any ill will. So just love and cherish her like always. Consider it as just a thing she's changed her mind about. That happens all the time in every subject. I'm telling you as an atheist in a religious family, whatwe need most is for you to realize that we are simply on the fence. Honest people use facts, not emotions. Not hypothetical or probabilities, but rather investigation and humility. Let her do her own exploring and just be a beacon of what family is supposed to be like; love.