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My sister

I know that I should take it as a compliment..

But I noticed that my sister tries to do things the same way I do whether it's good or bad, the bad actions I mostly did when I was a teenager or if I react to something like once a month or whatever when I'm frustrated..

For example..

She started to dress a bit like me

She buys stuff id buy or use..

She started using a room I used to do stuff in sometimes ..

She decorated her room like mine

She buys things I want but to herself (it's weird)

Idk how to explain it but it feels weird .. it feels like I have to watch every step I take and every word I say.. I feel trapped

Especially that she mostly takes after some bad traits I have.. not the good ones.. because I don't fight with my family a lot like her she thinks it's because I act in a certain way when I'm sad or angry which aren't frequent .. it pisses me off and makes me feel really uncomfortable ..

BTW she's 31 and I'm 23 ........

So yes that's also weird