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My sister is making my life miserable

tw suicide: My sister has adhd and ever since I remember she was mean and had anger issues but I never held it against her she would hurt me humiliate me infront of people but I always felt bad 4 her because he ehad a hard time making friends and I wanted to help but I couldn’t in high school she started doing drugs and hanging out with bad people she was constantly shouting and belittling my mom but she always used her adhd as an excuse but she made our lives living hell I’ve always tried to be close with her but when I tell her stuff she snitches on me I was 12 when I had to stop her from killing her self she should me some really graphic stuff that to this day whenever I think about I start to cry she told me not to tell anyone and I couldn’t sleep reaserching what I can do I ended up telling my parents but I’m still very scarred from what happened now my parents are separated she constantly blames my step dad on stuff who is a great guy and is like a second dad to me the day we moved into our new house with my mom we are with mom during week and dad on the weekend she completely just left after arguing how bad the house was after that she lived with my dad her room is completely full of trash and clothes and she does little to clean up she says it’s because her adhd but refuses to clean up her garbage which she doesn’t need to be out my dad got her a cat and I ended up doing most of the work 4 she dies disgusting things and whenever I try to talk with her she tells at me and calls me the r slur she leaves food open in the fridge and she makes it so hard 4 me to be at my dads she’s 18 and even though I love her and want her to have a good life I really need her to move out she makes all our lives miserable ever since she was young she’s always been loved she does nothing to change who she is i just am so done and so hurt she tells me I’m selfish and I’ll never graduate high school when I refuse to wake up to do something 4 her when I said I’ll do it later she gives no regards 4 me and calls me horrible thing when I hangout with my friends and it inconviences her in any way

I just need her to move out

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Re: My sister is making my life miserable

My sister was spoiled rotten by my parents. I was given away. By 18 she lived with me. I payed to house & feed her & her kids for yrs. When I had my own kids I finally cut her off. But both of her daughters came to live with me.

She’s an evil ass. Used to hurt me. Stole from me. Even tried to kill me as a boy. I have never let her in my house since I had kids. She hasn’t seen them in 15 yrs. I told them how horrible she is.

You may have to do that one day too.

God Bless