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My Sister Savagely Abused Me and the Gift 🎁 of Estrangement

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She ruthlessly attacked me for being learning disabled and different. She savagely used me up her self-esteem. She had no remorse for her actions and turn them in word on me. Belittling me the others while I sit in pain. I finally followed back and now she made me the perpetrator saying none of her wrongdoing and all of mine which was virtually none.

She has destroyed our parents with name-calling and belittling because they are her parents they’re stuck loving her and have to still see her. Her mother is afraid of conflict and just gives her what she wants this upset my sister is toxic behavior and will make her toxic forever.

This sister of mine is in her 20s not 11. She became this way because my mother was afraid to enforce punishments and she learned if she screamed enough she would get her way. Now this girl is a monster that stumbles across the earth seeking her next victims which include me.

She is just as ruthless as any child abuser or psychological psychopath. She has no moral compass and that she has no soul. Thankfully I was given the gift of a strange man so I seldom ever have to see her again. But I will carry the scars of this ruthless sister that I have.

Lastly though I still tremble in fear and dread knowing that in the course of my life I will have to see her at a few family functions. Thankfully my father in forces her wrongdoing and enforces the rules that she cannot come to celebrations if she is going to be a ruthless savage. Is advised me not to feel any need to reach out to her anymore and less I am free from this ruthless evil creature.

So for Thanksgiving 2020 there was one thing I was grateful for and that was the gift of estrangement from my ruthless evil sister. In the darkness and devastation that was 2020 there was one blessing and that was this estrangement from the evil one.

Thank you estrangement.