my sisters boyfriend is a douche

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my best friend is my sister, but everyday i can feel us drifting farther apart. she recently got a new boyfriend, and they've been facetiming or calling literally 24/7. it really makes me kind of angry because i dont have other friends besides her, and i can tell im not her first choice of a person to hang out with. it also fucking sucks that her boyfriends a douche bag. hes called me ugly and has even said i look like a man. (im a female) hes called me flat, and has insulted me about my running or working out which is one of my favorite things to do. no matter how much i tell her that hes rude and he makes me uncomfortable, she doesn't care and proceeds to stay with him. hes insulted almost everything about my life including the fucking tv show i watch by saying it means im a pussy because i watch it. she says she values my opinion but will never listen to me when it comes to him. i fucking hate him so much that it frustrates me and makes me want to cry. hes even made my cousin cry by calling her fat, and hes called my brother fat too. so whats her fucking problem. why does she stay with him no matter how much he hurts her or everyone around her.

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