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okay so, i just pud to a guy on snap jokingly and he said fit birds pu, now i didnt show my weigth much as im insecure after my own parents even call me fat. im 12. now i sent him 4 pictures. he saves 2, and tells me to stay the fuck away from him and calls me fat, etc, and then ss the chat. now im scared hel spread stuff about me because as soon as one little thing gets spreaded, i get bullied and picked on. im scared and have school tomorrow. high school hasnt been the best as i hve a very very small friend group of me and my bestfriend, and her old friend. im petrified because people already called me a slut before, and now whats gonna happen? im just really depressed rn aswell and iv always wanted to end it. iv scars on my wrist and only my best friend knows. i hate my life and at times i wanna go jump of this huge hugeeeee bridge. and im always being used for my body, having okder men cat call me, people my age bullying me for it, and everyone generally makes me feel unwanted. girls hate me, because their boyfriends want to smash sometimes. then rumours spread, and everything gets unlocked. i really just dont know what to do and im new here so please dont send any hate :(

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I am so sorry. Hugs baby. You are strong and sweet, everything is going to be alright. I am sure many people loves you and their opinion is the only one that counts. I am fat too and I understand what you are going through but remember that you didn't hurt anyone and you don't deserve this, no one does. Remember all the good things you have in your life and celebrate it