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My story

Everyone has a story

And mine feels too grey.

I was raped, but it wasn’t gory,

So, I don’t know if it counts as Rape.

He told me that he loved me,

And that one day we’d Marry,

So, it was weird that he didn’t hear

Me explaining I wasn’t ready.

Everyone has a story,

Mine just feels too grey

My family speaks of love

But I don’t know if that’s enough.

They told me to be my own,

They told me I am never alone

I spread my Wings too young

Only to run the home

I had all the freedom I want,

As long as the fridge was stocked,

‘Speak your mind, you’re free,’

But only if you are happy

So when I got angry

Or anxious or depressed,

I cried myself to sleep,

& Learned to laugh under stress