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My Story So Far....

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I’m only 13 years old so I know my story may not seem tough to most. Well I’ll tell it anyway. I don’t know much about my dad except for the fact that my mom found him doing meth in her house before I was born. She caught him and broke up with him after that later to find out she had me. I was born early and have been classified as dead three times in my life so far ( I have asthma issues). My mom was more like a care taker than a parent for a while and I had been struggling with abandonment issues for a while. In fourth grade I saw an older cousin’s self inflicted cuts. Around that time my moms soon to be ex boyfriend let his dad hit my mom at a Christmas party and we left right after. I began having depression and anxiety intensify over a while and cut myself. That turned into going to a rehab center for mental health issues and I started taking Zoloft which is an anti depressant. I ended up living with my grandparents and in 6th grade I tried to overdose on Zoloft. I ended up at a hospital for a while and back to the rehab center. I started smoking weed in seventh grade and the scars physically and emotionally I hope soon fade.

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