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INTRODUCTION— As the title suggests ,here are some experiences ,some observations that have led me to write this, it is always hard to put “How You Feel” in words. So it is an attempt to elaborate my perspective.  I know I am 24 years old but it doesn’t mean you have to live a whole life to describe it because life poses challenges since the day you were born.

As a human, we are competitive in  life, this competition sometimes proves a boon for us, sometimes makes things difficult for us, I don’t know but one always wants to achieve something  and in doing so runs away from everything regardless of its consequences, The thing that one wants in one’s life is money, love and smooth life and as I said before these things are very hard to get, this is what makes us competitive, we are often jealous of others for possessing things that we want, but we always forget one thing that all lives are not same, every person on this earth comes to play a different role, since the day we were born ,we try to be like others , we try to copy them, we want what they have but we forget one thing life is not same for all of us, but it doesn’t mean we are not worthy of that, we have to work for that. We have to stop comparing ourselves.