side chick

My toxic soulmate.

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Nobody can convince me he wasn't my soulmate. The connection was so fucking deep. He helped me through hell, and there is no doubt he was definitely psychotic. Therapists told him he was bipolar, depressed, and homicidal. Sometimes he would also hear things. He was a huge pessimist and it was challenging with it being online and all based off of trust. We argued often, but regardless I loved him. Still do. I've dated in the past, but nothing like him. For the sake of keeping his name secret so there's no harassment, I'll call him D. D was charming, flirty, sexual, kind, handsome, loving, and so fucking perfect. He was my exact type, like out of a dream. It was a miracle. I plan to message him in two years, when I'm old enough to move out. Then I might try and recommence our love. He is my all, and I will wait years if it's what it takes. I'll be the side chick of his, as long as I'm his something I'll be happy.