My uncles friend is a creep.

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I have no one to really tell this to so it would feel good to get it off my chest here. This isn’t big or anything but anyways I would always want to be around my uncle (basically like my older brother) and in his cool ass room where he had all these comics, video games, and a huge computer. Anyways, his best friend at the time started coming over. Me being annoying at 9 years old I wanted to be in the room with them and I would always tell my uncle I will be quiet I promise I will just be in the corner of the bed and play on my DS, I won’t bother you guys!! So I was allowed in the room sometimes. My uncle would play in his chair facing away from me and his friend who also sat at the edge of the bed. I remember he would always bring over all these cool things from Star Wars I think? One day he gave me one of his game boys. I was so happy that day. I would talk to him a lot and I remember he would constantly touch my thigh and I knew it felt weird but I didn’t think anything other than that. One day though I wore this flowy dress and I went into the room and just started spinning super fast for no reason and then I went back to my room. I noticed he was in the hallway and then walked into my room while I was just sitting down and he came in and sat next to me then whispered in my ear, “I like your blue panties.” I remember getting so red and just denying that they were blue. He kept saying I was wearing them for him and that they are cute then he said he knew I had a crush on him when I didn’t. I told him I don’t have a crush on you and he just put his hand on my thigh again pushing my dress up a little then he left. After that day I rarely went into my uncles room when he was over. I am 16 now and just realized now huh he was weird. I did tell my uncle about this when I was 12 or 11 maybe? I told him that his friend makes me uncomfortable and did weird things and being the absolute guy he is said he’s just joking. My family still talks to his family so there might be a day where I see him again. I can’t believe I’m 16 now and it just came back to me out of nowhere. I for sure threw away my blue monster high underwear:)