My wife doesn't love me the same anymore

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I'm a trans man and she's gay and she thought maybe she could just transfer those feelings to me as a man when I transitioned but it just isn't working that way for her and she told me as much and she says she still loves me and still wants me in her life and I still want her in my life but she says she feels like there's something missing in her life by not having a woman as a romantic partner and that she doesn't really have romantic or sexual feelings towards me anymore.

And we were already polyamorous so she already could pursue other partners.

but I just don't know how to deal with or even express how I feel about the fact that she just doesn't love me in the way she used to anymore.

She said it a week or so ago and I've felt so sad and alone and numb since

I thought we completed each other

But I guess it was just me feeling completed