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Since I was a kid I was an outgoing person and was confident and I was the “queen bee” of school and I was really happy with how I was, I moved to a different state and I was new to everything, eventually I was laughed at and made fun of for just being myself which made me feel like I was out of the “trend”. I adapted quickly and started trying to fit in with the others, I made many mistakes towards other normal people and not bullies like those that laughed at me, the mistakes made me feel confused and angry at myself, I started thinking about myself and I realized that I know nothing about myself anymore because I tried to fit in with others, now I am confused and tired of myself, it’s overwhelming being with myself and trying to understand myself, I recently realized that I just hate myself, and I don’t know how to fix it. I’m really tired, I have parents who don’t understand me and I keep everything Inside of me, I just ignore it all but it’s tiring. I was around 10 when all of this happened now I’m 14 and I’m tired. I won’t kill myself, I just want to have fun! I will ignore it all and erase it, its always there but I’m used to it already .:)