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Myth Buster


Definition- A person (traditionally a women) who has sex with someone not in a committed relationship.

Also known as- NSA relationship.(No Strings attached) A no commitment, no dating, No sharing of personal info, only a quick roll in the hay and off you go type thing.

i.e.- John gets turned down for the third night in a row from sex with his wife/girlfriend, and thinks,

"Damn. Guess ill just swing by Tammy's house after work. I'm gonna get blue balls this bitch keep this shit up."

You know what a side piece is? A hole. A walking breathing non silicone pocket pussy, to use whenever the urge arises. Pardon the pun.

Step 1.- Remove from box. No batteries required.

Step 2.- Don't worry about it. No warm up or lube necessary. Just shove it in.

Step 3.- When finished, Hands free clean up. This pussy can cleans its self, AND

put itself back on the shelf till next time!

That's about it. Oh, it can be justified away. Reason it away, I guess. No attachments, right? BULLSHIT. She is lying. Women are incapable of NOT developing attachments. Holding her, hugs, hand holds, kisses, orgasms and even deep eye contact can cause a chick to develop an attachment. Scientifically proven.

Shes hurting. Idiot.