Names for Characters of my book

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I'm writing a book. The story happens on a fantasy world, similar to Tolkien's middle earth. I need help naming two male characthers. Characther #1 is the protagonist, he is the hero and leader of his army. He is very handsome, manly, tall, has big muscles, some scars from previous battles, is fierce and courageous. There's nothing he wouldn't to to succeed in battle. I was thinking about the Japanese word 主人公 (Shujinko). Characther #2 is his right hand man. A very calm, collected, cool headed, serene guy. He is somewhat thin, average height, and is extremely wise, very strategic, and a introverted. I was thinking the Japanese word 穏やか (odayaka). The thing is, those names are actual words in Japanese, and I'm looking for something more subtle. Maybe a play on those words? Also, I accept any different names or ideas! For reference, other names in my book are: Alden, Akira, Frode, Abeorn, and Reiko. Thanks in advanced!

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