john lewis

Nani nani boo boo you got Impeached again!

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Karmas a bitch and you tried to take us backwards MF but were going forward. RIP John Lewis. Trump you get your toupees and your sunscreen and all of your shit and get the fuck out. This is the Peoples house and we showed you today. Most of your supporters live in trailer parks and dont have shit (trailer park trash) and you used them, these are not the folks you golf with but they supported you MF. You want a pardon for yourself and your kids but all those dumb bastards that followed you are facing Federal charges. You only give a fuck about yourself and your pocket because you are a grown ass fucking 2 year old mentally because your mother never whooped your ass or told you NO! MF today we are telling you NO! We are tired of it! There are so many people who are just like you (entitled) and were raised liked you and they are entitled fucks and I deal with them daily. I know they dont know better because when Blacks were enslaved my ancestors took care of your families rotten asses. When we were freed your mothers didnt know how to cook, clean, raise kids or anything! Today we told all of you MFS NO! A new day is here NOW!!!!!!!!!!! Karmas a bitch and you are reaping the hateful seeds youve sown. Fuck that 1200.00 stimulus check MF my life is priceless and you let thousands die because you failed to warn us when you KNEW about Covid MF you owe me millions!!!!!!!! Rot in hell MF and take your Toupee and brown lotion for your pale ass ugly ass skin with