Narc Abuse and Christianity

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Finding out my "christian" mother is a narc was not easy. I didn't want to live with her at the time and because of that I ended up being desperately homeless for 3 months. The church couldn't help me. My "friends" couldn't help me and I had no one to rely on for safety.

Christianity is also just full of narcs. They love the church because Christian culture on its own enables their behavior.

These people have DEMONS for God sake!!! If the church isn't safe, why would I even bother going anymore???!!!!!???!!!

Especially since almost all pastors are narcissistic and have NPD!!!! I'm currently living with a pastor and his wife right now and they are no different from any other covert NARC. They just like to hide behind the bible to make it seem like they're benign but in reality they're just as dangerous.

I regret living with them so much and I can't wait to move out. Any house that has no boundaries is just a playing field for Satan.


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