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Narcissists Exposed!!!!

I've had enough!! I have fell victim to 2 narcs now in the last 6 year's. These.people are the lowest of low on this earth. I've read many many things on narcissism and their abuse. They always tell you the best revenge is go no contact and live better for yourself. BS!!!!! This guy pursued me poured it all on very quickly then started his games and tactics as soon as he knew I was hooked. One thing he did was while intimate one of the first times was take photos without me noticing right away. Oh he said he deleted them but he has an iphone. Recently as I was investigating this guy (which if it's there I will find it), I was speaking to one of his flying monkeys who I knew was one immediately. This person informed me of the sketchy sex acts that were done all year's prior. He then also told my so called friend that she could make some goid money in some photos. Next thing I find out is this so called friend went and had a three-some. While looking on some of these sights that post nudes I discovered a picture of this pukes young daughter. Eye brows. Nose and moles on face prove its her. This disgusts me and makes me sick to my stomach. So I know that all pics he's taken of every girl he's been with he has made money on and most likely these women/girls have no clue. I am ready to turn this guy in and could care less. I also want to post flyers in our area to inform others if these situations happened to then they should report it as this guy is making money on women that he's manipulating. I'm not at all afraid of these low life scum suckers. Any opinions I would appreciate.

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Re: Narcissists Exposed!!!!

You can sign up his mail and phone number to the scientologist subscribers and they will bombard anything he comes in contact with information. There is no way to unsubscribe. On top of that if you have the time and money you can grab a bunch of random keys and put his phone number on it with a note saying to call if lost or straight up say that he's a pedo and tell the people to call him and harass him.