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Where are they? Football used to be war in a cow field. Tough guys. Now it’s basketball on manicured grass. Oh I like it better this way. But most of these modern QBs would not have survived a quarter with me on defense. I’m a sprinter too. 285 lbs of muscle crushing you every play whether you threw the ball or not. You didn’t run past me. You ran from me. The sideline was your salvation. Get there quick.

So who are the nati coaches. I’m old can’t remember all the names. But I’ll try. Not many.

Back then they were legends. Now not so much. Coaching is a lot easier when you can’t play defense. There’s the Texas coach who gave up for announcing. Now he’s at North Carolina. The game passed him by. Les Miles took over a well built program at LSU. Won a title. The game changed & he was clueless. Isn’t he at that backwater Kansas now? And losing.

Football is more fun this way. But inaccurate QBs who can’t read D’s or alter plays run the show now. It’s hard for me to watch these guys because I know they couldn’t have played QB under the old rules.

But I’m old. You kids don’t get it. You just want to watch endless yards & points piled up like a video game. You want your QBs running downfield life a RB. But you don’t want them hurt. So to do all of that D is impossible. No team can consistently play D today. You just hope they drop the ball. Occasionally get a pick. Wait for the flag. I feel like I’m at a circus instead of football.

But it’s fun to watch. Pitch & catch. Looks more like when you practiced against your own defense.

Jimbo Fisher started loosing. They built him everything. Paid him a fortune. A fortune for a staff. He’s very frustrated at Texas A&M. He’s not in the ACC. Everybody’s loaded for bear in the sec. So people keep waiting for him to break thru. It probably will never happen. That conference is like a cage full of pit bulls. He left Clemson’s Nati coach to own that easy conference. Clemson must feel like a German Shepard in a yard full of poodles. Hey; Oklahoma is usually in a yard full of kittens. Meanwhile Oregon is a duck in a yard full of squirrels. Oh the pac. I see better teams in the group of 5.

Let’s see. Auburn’s nati coach got fired immediately after. He gave up & still announces. Can’t blame him. Good money. AC. Go home. Don’t look like a fool trying to coach when D is now illegal.

Urban Meyer. He’s a poison. Wherever he goes he wins. Won titles at Florida & Oh State. He’s a great coach. But he hid criminals at Florida. Hid a coach beating his wife at Oh State. Oh he wasn’t the criminal or abuser. But if you win today; it’s hard to hide stuff. Oh if your in a tiny backwater you might. But most cities have a media that will no longer cover for you.

PSU & FSU still would. But outside media might still bring you down. Jimbo really left Forced Sex because they’d been hiding crimes like rape. Pedophile State hasn’t won as well since they stopped hiding child rape. Baylor was building up before we learned they were hiding rape.

The USC coach almost won a Nati. Like UCF they tried to claim a fake title after the BCS started. We laughed at them & the corrupt media who tried to gift them one. Then a new media brought them down. Paying Reggie Bush on the field in front of cameras was now a bad idea. The coach was like hey; we used to own the media. The media is supposed to help USC & Notre Dame claim titles. Vote for us even if we’re fourth best. Cover up our dirty deals. Everyone cheats. He ran out of town before the chips fell. Won a super bowl for the Seahawks.

Then there’s Saban. Yes I know he’s the greatest ever. But he has to get frustrated. He wins a Nati at LSU. Gets annoyed when Miami makes him play a dud at QB. He wanted Drew Brees. I think he would have won with Drew. So he said you know what. I’m going back to college. Then he went to the Yankees of cfb. That could have been really bad for everybody.

Greatest coach ever at most successful program ever. Had they not changed the rules he’d possibly won 10 titles. But they did.

He’s a great D coach no doubt. But I laughed when I watched the Ole Miss game. Not to mention the Clemson Nati loss. They had no defense.

I’ll give him credit. He adapted. Les Miles went from eating grass on the LSU field, to grazing on the Kansas field.

Chizak went from rolling trees at Auburn to setting in a studio. Fisher went from coaching rapist QBs at Forced Sex to being frustrated at Texas A&M. The Texas coach went from the Longhorns to the booth to North Carolina. He’s a good guy. Saban is still at Alabama. But that’s because he adapted. I didn’t think he’d make it either. He’s the greatest D coach I’ve seen in a long time. Greatest modern coach. Probably greatest coach ever. But Ole Miss just lit his D up. What. 600, 700 yards? I honestly didn’t watch that whole game. Just highlights. A little live action.

They only seemed to stop like 3-4 drives. If the greatest D coach still coaching with all those 5 stars can’t stop somebody then no one consistently can. Oh I know their entire secondary got drafted. I know they had no offseason to train new high school players. They basically have untrained high school kids running around in the backfield. Realize I used to play in the secondary some. I know you never do some of what I’m seeing.

I see guys running to double cover one guy; leaving the other guy uncovered. I see the deep guy abandoning his post. Deep man always stays deep ona pass play. I see guys going for picks & missing. If your the back guy; & you go for the pick, you’d better get it. I learned that in middle school. I never saw a ball I couldn’t pick in my mind. In reality I sometimes missed them. So my coach would let me spend an hour running up & down the bleachers each time I missed. I learned not to miss. To only bite when I knew I could swallow.

Alabama hasn’t had time to train them during a pandemic. I get that. But it was laughable to watch. Media telling me how great that D is. My eyes say otherwise. That’s why I didn’t watch the game. Just some highlights.

But Saban adapted. Was his team ever stopped? I know they fumbled at the goal line. But they may have scored every other drive. He went from being the best D coach in football to the best O coach.

I’ll admit I’m surprised. I expected them to run the ball this year. Instead they are even better at passing than last year. But we will see. I will carefully watch the Georgia game. I picked the Dogs for the playoffs. Best returning D. Great balanced O. Only their QB is a question. I don’t see Alabama’s toilet paper D stopping them. Georgia will run & pass at will. I think I read that Saban has Covid. So he won’t even be there. Georgia should win for sure now.

Alabama’s O will face the best D in football this year. Tua wilted in the Nati against Clemson. Will his backup stand up against Georgia? He’d better. Because he has to compensate for them having no D.

Clemson’s HC is in the catbirds seat. Great facilities & recruiting zone. Only dominant program in the conference. Owns his state. An old very experienced staff who have been together forever; well paid; have no desire to move up, & nobody wants any of them as a HC.

He can play balanced football. Rest & heal his stars in a weak conference. Hide his best plays till the playoffs. Plenty of time all year to work in plays to use against the most likely good teams he expects to play in the playoffs.

Last year I picked LSU. I was right. This year I picked Clemson. I’m sticking with that. I’m right often. Think I’m right again. The pandemic does make it fluid.

Then there’s coach O. He’s not a great head coach. But the new rules allow for variance. You just have to line it all up for one year. He certainly did last year. That may be the best team for modern rules I’ve ever seen. Plus he’s funny. Ever watch water boy? It’s like I’m listening to that old groundskeeper when he talks. I love it. I’ve been to New Orleans. I love the culture. Love the food. Coach O is a hoot. I question him as a HC. Cussing in the locker room. He acts very immature. Big kid in charge of kids. His entire team getting Covid while bar hopping pre-season during a pandemic didn’t surprise me a bit. That’s how they run their program. I wouldn’t send my kid there. But they are fun to watch on game day.

I said he’d prove to me if he’s a great HC this year. They stink. So he’s not.

But he’s reloading. That Nati bought him a year. Maybe two. All these freshmen will be experienced next year. Some schools do that. They bring in entire new O & D lines at once. Try to mature & go for a Nati in yrs 3&4. Then start again. Wake Forest had a great yr a while back with a lot of upper class men. Maybe that’s what coach O is up to. Well; it worked last year. He’s in the history books. Gotta have patient fans & alumni to do it though. Some of the big schools bases will lose their minds. Michigan. I guess they must accept it’s going to be a while by now. Nebraska. They still show up. Haven’t won in so long. But some fan bases are fickle. USC can’t pay fans to show up. Even when they won titles the local population didn’t care.

I’m sticking with my pre-season playoff picks.

Clemson for it all. Ohio State & Georgia in the playoffs. I’m still uncertain about a third. I had either Oklahoma State; Notre Dame; or Oregon. But this pandemic has really thrown it all in the air. Who knows.