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I lied to my girlfriend about my nationality. I told her i’m canadian, but i’m really American and she’s going to meet my family soon and i’m nervous. She knows that my family has been here for a “really long time”, so hopefully nothing comes up. I really really love her and am truthful about everything else, but this is eating me up.

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Re: Nationality

Congratulations on making that next step in your relationship. Guess what? It doesn’t matter because Canada and the US are in North America. It’s fine. I don’t think you should sweat it - if anything you could say something like “Of course, we all have American passports” if it comes up.

I’m black and have a white German grandmother. Many of my family members are from Germany so nobody believes me when I tell them because I think I’m trying to be white. Not only that a lot of my relatives were born in one country and live in another country. I have a Canadian cousin who lives in America and she has three passports. It’s not a big deal I promise you.