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Need advice, should I wait?

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So I confessed to a close friend that I have feelings for her. She always acted like she was interested, like giving compliments, FaceTiming a lot, asking my opinion on what she was wearing, trusting me with her secrets, and reaching out to help her through her mental health issues. She used to date a friend of mine and they broke up over a year ago, and I haven’t spoken to him in like 6 months. When I told her, she said that she had not considered it because of their past relationship. She said that if she were to ignore that, that there was a guy she had been talking to for almost a month, which she never told me about so I didn’t know she was talking to someone. She did say that she doesn’t know how that will turn out, but that she can’t promise me anything because that wouldn’t be fair as she told him she wasn’t talking to anyone else. Also, she said that she values or friendship a lot and still wants to be friends, and I agreed, even though that’s not what I hoped for. Does her saying that she doesn’t know what will happen with the other guy mean that she would consider me, as she didn’t know I saw her as more than a friend until now? Should I wait it out or move on?

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