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need for a distraction

Hi i'm new here and i'm looking for a way to distract myself from my addiction to meth. It's 9:20 PM here when I started typing and I'm here because my dealer usually doesn't sell or reply to my texts after 10 PM because of the COVID lockdown curfew, fear of getting caught by cops or whatever. So I got a little over 30 minutes to distract myself from contacting him and start wasting my money again to buy something I don't really need for a high that only lasts a few minutes and a down that lasts a couple of days. I've been doing these things(distracting myself) every night for almost a month now and it's slowly becoming a weird routine. I usually distract myself with facebook memes, group chats, youtube videos, video games or anything I can think of. I sometimes succeed in distracting myself but sometimes I don't. It's been 3 days now since I was clean and I can tell you the things that goes thru your head when your sober are entirely different from the things that comes to your mind when you've been binging on meth for 3 days. Things started out good with this distraction thing for the first couple of days, I could keep myself clean for 3 or more days and relapse and repeat the cycle of being clean for 2-3 days before relapsing again. But lately it's been the other way around and I cant seem to keep myself clean for more than a day. I haven't been sleeping well because meth does that to you and I also haven't been eating like I normally do because it does this to you too. I don't really have anyone to talk to about this problem because 1.)my family and girlfriend don't even know about my addiction, 2.) my friends are either also addicts like me or don't really care about things that don't concern them, and also 3.) because we're stuck in a pandemic and all other social activities are on hold as of now. So here I am sharing on this platform, distracting myself and wasting my time so I can stay clean again and hopefully stay clean longer this time so I can start on better path in my life that doesn't involve the constant need to get high. As of now it's 9:56 PM and I think I am safe from temptation tonight because there isn't enough time left to text my dealer , go out of my house and buy the drugs before 10 PM.................................................................................................................................

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Re: need for a distraction

Hi, I don't know if I should give any advice or response to you but I am an alcoholic and a chainsmoker. I'm craving for some now but I've been money short so what I've been doing is do a lot of writing and housework. I know it doesn't work for a lot of people but when I fidget with things while my insides scream for alcohol and nicotine, this type of distraction helps. Also writing feels like you're talking to yourself so maybe...

hello random person,

I just need you to know that I’m proud of you for trying. You are doing so well and you’ll get through okay? I should probably say something like get help or tell your girlfriend but...you would have probably done that by now if you wanted to. But, it’s okay. You can tell you girl anytime and she’ll be there and you can get help anytime okay? You’re going to be okay :)