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Most people say that I'm an extrovert coz its easy for me to make friends with other or talk with anyone and yes, I guess they're right but because of this pandemic I'm going crazy! My bestfriends are living quite far from me. They are my best friends but it seems we're far from each others already. I can't tell them exactly how I feel and now I just suppress all my emotions within me. It seems I because a different person now. I became so lonely and depress that I need to burst out my feelings but I don't have anyone to to talk to, I don't have any outlet anymore. IM HAVING A HARD TIME! Plus, I'm single and both of my girl bestfriends have a partner sometimes I envy them! Gosh! This is really killing me. I tried to register on dating sites just to make friends okay? not really into "dating online" I just want someone to talk to, like a stranger that I can tell all my burdens. I don't want to bother anyone but I think no sooner I will "booooom" This is really hard! I'm dying!