Need gym advice

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So with gyms opening again I want to go in and kick ass!

2018 I was underweight a size 4 (uk dress size) and standing at 5’8 I looked well.. bad, scrawny and ill

and now just into 2021 I’m a size 16

i definitely look healthier-ish but the way I’m continuing I’m beginning to look unhealthy again but in the opposite way, overweight, unfit

my weight has kinda jumped around because of not so great circumstances I’ve been in over the last few years but my best size is a size 12, that’s what I was before 2018

But honestly regardless of dress size my goal is simply to look and feel healthy

though I’m determined I’m feeling a bit intimidated

any advice to get me started and any exercise suggestions??

I think I’d prefer to try weights rather than the typical cardio but that’s also scary because where to do you begin and I’m worried about looking like a fool and my form being bad and well just looking clueless or even hurting myself

really would appreciate advice :) anything at all maybe even if it’s just some motivation, dare I say it some validation