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Need help

I'm a 14 year old and I think I'm kinda fucked up in the head.

I search up on google raped, dead girls and feel completely sexual by it....like it turns me on.

I go to porn and search girls getting forced and raped to masturbate to it.

I never experienced getting raped before and i still dont know how I feel about it.

I also feel like i don't know who i am.....

Can someone tell me what exactly is wrong with me?

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Re: Need help

you should talk with a therapist or counselor about this. they will be able to help you understand better than anyone on here what is going on and why you feel the way you do.

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You feel powerless. You feel like the only way to get a woman is if they are raped. The dead images are similar. They will just lay there for you.

I believe you need to call a therapist. I worked with grown men & they’d look at pictures of dead people. Some were nude women. I’m not sure why.

In the end you need to improve self & lower expectations for your self & especially for women.

There’s a sight called “Literotica”. A lot of the stories are about non consent. That means the women are being forced to get nude & have sex. Do not read those (the fact there are so many shows you it’s very common in men. We are aggressive due to testosterone. So many men have urges to force men. But you can change. I have extremely high testosterone & don’t think like that).

Start reading the exhibition & voyeur consensual stories. In those the women chose to be nude. They choose to have sex. Keep reading those till that seems normal to you.

Watch dance videos. Learn to dance. In college take a social dance class. Buy a few pots. Plant some flowers. Start listening to old 70’s disco songs. Listen to modern country songs. If you have the hallmark channel watch their movies. You have to learn to feel. Learn to realize what women want. They are more gentle. They cry & get their feelings hurt.

Some will say that’s sissy. Well at 20 I was a 285 lb body builder. Martial artist. I benched almost 600. I could two hand slam. A basketball. I grew up riding horses & tending cows. I hunt. I’ve surfed & jumped dirt bikes. Do I sound like a sissy?

I do all that stuff I just told you to do. I’m very gentle with women & children. Very respectful.

But you need to beg your parents to see a counselor. Maybe see one in your school. You care or you wouldn’t be asking us. Now let someone help you.

I just prayed for you.

God Bless