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Need help in this tough times of pandemic

I know it sounds like a beggar but if that's what would take to help my GF's family to avoid losing their homes I won't mind to be one. It's stupid I know but if you somehow read this by accident and you are fortunate in life, spare any amount you can give.

I'll be also stupid to put my email here so that you can contact me if you want to help. I don't know what to do from this point. If it's only miracle to solve their problems I'll believe it and I will offer myself to any of you.

They need 40kphp or 800 in usd. With the resources I have in my current life, I can't get any closer on that amount. But the reason why I'm here telling this to you because if you don't even have a cents to spare I want you to tell those who have so much in life to help her family cause they're already a family to me.

I can't blame you if you won't believe that was the only first thing comes to my mind whenever I see something like this.

But if you can help or can give any info, ideas to help this is my email;


I put the rest to our God.

Please help me save my family.