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Need help to keep my words.

Wanting to get rid of spying

I am fed up of spying on a girl(assumebly my gf)

I am sure she gives a shit about me.

I don't want to but can't stop doing it.

We broke up 6 months ago and promised her she would not hear a word from me but I feel creepy while spying and I am hating my self for it.

Just to give you a back drop, I wanted to marry her and I proposed her she is a very nice girl but she is stubborn and things didn't work out. Also I feel like she hated when I was involved ( barely talking to an other girl) yet she would want to keep all her guy friends around that sucks man.

I proudly confess that I am an conservative guy.

Also the truth is I stopped talking to everyone because of her yet she won't give up her old habits.

Just a last thing I f*cking hate her elder sister she ruined it all for me, she was the one who suggested her to not listen to me and well it all ended.

Though it sucks but I can't move on I want to I really do and it's effecting all me I mean I just can't function properly.

Would like to hear some humane advise or any thing that would help per say.