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Need help with a girl.

Just for a little context. I’m 23. 6ft”1 we’ll built. Bald. Big beard. Tattoos. Work in a steel foundry. All round look and appear about as masculine as they come. But So there’s a girl in my life right now and there’s nothing more I want than to spend every waking minute I have making her happy. 

I would do just about anything just to see her smile and I don’t know what to do about it. I’ve never been in this situation before as I’m usually more just like a “guy” about it and just get on with shit. But this girl really has me fucked up. Like seriously. I’m never really “cute” or “soppy” but all I wanna do is sit and play with this girls hair. I wanna take care of her and give everything her heart could possibly desire. I want to make her feel like a queen every single day. I want to make her feel good when she’s sad and make her tea and cuddle with her when she’s tired or stressed. It’s really fucking with me cause I just don’t know how to not feel like I want to rip my heart out. HELP?!???!???!!!!