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Need mental peace

I can not express my self to near ones. I always think that what others will think. Like mind is thinking 24 hours . I can not stop my mind to think. I am just fade up with my self like stop thinking this. Sometimes i think i am going in to depression. Like i have so much work to do but i can not focus on anything. Do not know where my mental peace gone. I just want to express my thouughts and problems not solution of my problmes. I always put other as first priority and myself at the last. I am so much fade up by myself that i think that there is no purpose of my life. Better i would die. But as i said before i always put others first and they are depended on me so i can not take any vlunerable step. Like i just want mental peace so i can focus on my work and future.

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Re: Need mental peace

I can totally relate to it. Sometimes i feel like i will go crazy. I usually listen songs to stop my mind from wandering around. N if that doesn't work then i start counting. Give yourself a break. Do something fun. Anything that makes you happy. Even if you dont feel like doing. It makes a difference. I force myself to engage into some activity. It's not easy i admit. I take hours before i fainally find the motivation to do it. I succeed 2 out of 5 times. But keep trying.